Our Inspiration

One day Tom, The Dupe, and myself were sitting around doing nothing and talking about nothing in Tom’s garage; as is our custom. (That’s right I said “garage”. None of us live in the trailer park… anymore anyway…)

At the time there were 3 vehicles in the garage that didn’t run: 1 truck and 2 motorcycles. (Instead of being on the front yard in the trailer park, they are in the garage.) Tom is in the back of the truck sitting on one of the seats since we completely pulled the interior out of the truck and put it in the back. Tom looks up and says:

“I kinda like this, I think I’m going to get a couple more seats and permanently mount them back here and I can take the old center console, make a box in it, fill up all the cracks with spray foam for insulation, then I can fill it with beer…”

He pauses, looks up at The Dupe and myself just fighting the laughter… Then he says:

“I’m sorry, was my trailer park showing there?”

Ever since that faithful day, whenever we saw something or someone do something deliciously white trash trailer park style, we would inform them their trailer park was showing. A couple weeks ago, we started taking pictures and recording these events and decided to start the site you see before you today.


Harry, Tom, & The Dupe

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