SS 454


Tom spotted this in Las Vegas. There isn’t much to say here except: WOW!

I guess when you spent all your money on the white spray paint to repaint your truck, you don’t have any money to get new and proper SS 454 decals… or a tailgate for that matter. I’m just going to go ahead and have faith this truck is an actual SS 454. It’s the right make/model, single cab, and I doubt he would have went through the trouble of breaking out the white and silver paint to jazz-up the “tailgate” if it wasn’t.

Proud SS 454 Owner: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Motorcycle Repair


Here is one of the broken Motorcycles in Tom’s garage. It belongs to The Dupe. Long story short, he dropped it within one month of owning it and has sat in the garage waiting on parts and The Dupe’s laziness to subside long enough to fix it. Instead of spending the $15 for a set of new grips, some tennis racket tape did the job.

DUPE! Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

note: The yellow bike in the background is Tom’s. It’s the only vehicle in the garage that is 100% functional.