Danger Ranger Repair



I was walking through a parking garage and spotted this danger ranger. Surprisingly well executed repair. Notice how the edges are beveled in the curved sections and it’s actually sealed all the way around. I think he should paint it black though. It would look like he just had a tinted window from far away!

Danger Ranger owner: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Redneck Engineering 101


Redneck Engineering 101 says: What do you do when you need to jack up your freshly lifted truck and your jack isn’t tall enough? That’s right! You don’t buy a new jack, you go buy a $5 2″x6″ and cut it up, then tape all the pieces together so it’s easier to work with!

I have to give Tom credit here. The yellow duck tape is a really nice touch. It gives it that little something extra to put it over the top. Regular silver just wouldn’t have the same effect!

Tom: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!