The Van Man


This submission comes to us from Southern California. I guess when you run out of room on the inside, you have to go outside.

I’m not quite sure if this guy is a genius or retarded. The laziness inside me says, “Hell yeah! One trip!” The normal/sane person inside of me says, “What is wrong with that guy?!?!?”

The best part about the pack job, you say? If you look closely, there is some sort of big, heavy-duty ladder on the back and the roof rack appears very strong as well. That leads me to believe this isn’t the first time this guy has done this.

As a CHP Officer once told me: “Be careful out there. Stupid is out there and he’s looking for you!”

Van Man: Your Laziness/Ignorance/Trailer Park Is Showing!

Note: For those of us who don’t watch BBC programing, a “Van Man” is basically a guy for hire with a van to help you move stuff in England.