Trailer Park Wars – THE GAME!!!


A good friend of mine alerted me to this game called “Trailer Park Wars”. I just placed an order, so I will update if it’s any good! The description on amazon is as follows:

You have finally landed the job of your dreams, Trailer Park Manager. To be the best darn trailer park manager in town you must place quality tenants in your trailers, create a fun and friendly atmosphere by adding some sweet amenities, and go about destroying the other trailer parks in town, no matter what it takes.

Completely unsolicited plug:

Amazon: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Mercedes CB


This is a prime example of how you can take the man out of the trailer park, but you can’t take the trailer park out of the man. That is, in fact, a CB radio mounted in a Mercedes.

Come on, a CB radio? Who the hell even still uses these things? Truckers, I know, but that rig doesn’t look like it can haul very much. He could have at least used a smaller antenna… Or just bought a cell phone.

Mercedes owner: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Tacoma Foil


This came in from Louisiana. At first, I thought the aluminum foil was there as a cheap alternative to window tinting or something to keep anyone from seeing what’s in the back of the truck. If that was the case, then why-oh-why is there foil on both sides in the back on the outside? So, now I’m thinking it’s a stylistic element as well. Form and function, right?

Tacoma owner: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!