Hump Day Hilarity 28: Youtubers


I’m sure I spend a small amount of time on Youtube if you compare me to the rest of the internet world. However, what caught my eye the other day was not the video, it was the comments of a Youtuber. The video is from Made Magazine and features a female fashion designer. Her clothes contain LEDs and motion sensors so they change color as you move. The video itself wasn’t good at all and didn’t even show the garments in movement, so I’ll just post a screenshot:


If you scroll down the page you see this:


Ahh Youtubers. Need I say more?

Trailer Park Wars – THE GAME!!!


A good friend of mine alerted me to this game called “Trailer Park Wars”. I just placed an order, so I will update if it’s any good! The description on amazon is as follows:

You have finally landed the job of your dreams, Trailer Park Manager. To be the best darn trailer park manager in town you must place quality tenants in your trailers, create a fun and friendly atmosphere by adding some sweet amenities, and go about destroying the other trailer parks in town, no matter what it takes.

Completely unsolicited plug:

Amazon: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

MINT IROC Z28 Camaro!


I recently visited the Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas, NV. This absolutely mint IROC Z28 Camaro stood out for obvious reasons. If you read the description on the last picture, you’ll see it is 1 of 111 built with the 1LE package that year. However, if you look at the pictures, you’ll see that if you owned an IROC Camaro, you would be crowned “King of the Trailer Park”!

I was mad because it wasn’t for sale… It would have been one hell of an advertisement piece for the site! If anyone has one for sale, email us! It ideally needs to be in much worse condition than this beauty, though.

The Auto Collection: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Danger Ranger Repair



I was walking through a parking garage and spotted this danger ranger. Surprisingly well executed repair. Notice how the edges are beveled in the curved sections and it’s actually sealed all the way around. I think he should paint it black though. It would look like he just had a tinted window from far away!

Danger Ranger owner: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!