SS 454


Tom spotted this in Las Vegas. There isn’t much to say here except: WOW!

I guess when you spent all your money on the white spray paint to repaint your truck, you don’t have any money to get new and proper SS 454 decals… or a tailgate for that matter. I’m just going to go ahead and have faith this truck is an actual SS 454. It’s the right make/model, single cab, and I doubt he would have went through the trouble of breaking out the white and silver paint to jazz-up the “tailgate” if it wasn’t.

Proud SS 454 Owner: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

The Van Man


This submission comes to us from Southern California. I guess when you run out of room on the inside, you have to go outside.

I’m not quite sure if this guy is a genius or retarded. The laziness inside me says, “Hell yeah! One trip!” The normal/sane person inside of me says, “What is wrong with that guy?!?!?”

The best part about the pack job, you say? If you look closely, there is some sort of big, heavy-duty ladder on the back and the roof rack appears very strong as well. That leads me to believe this isn’t the first time this guy has done this.

As a CHP Officer once told me: “Be careful out there. Stupid is out there and he’s looking for you!”

Van Man: Your Laziness/Ignorance/Trailer Park Is Showing!

Note: For those of us who don’t watch BBC programing, a “Van Man” is basically a guy for hire with a van to help you move stuff in England.

Who needs a truck? Again?!?!?


Who needs a truck when you have a trunk? This was spotted in the great state of California. Looks like you can fit 10 bodies in the trunk of a Caddy, but not an office chair! At least they tied it down.

Just goes to show you, Trailer Park is a state of mind and is NOT just a Southern thing!

To the Caddy Driver: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Soulja Boy says “F the Troops”


I know I’m a little late posting this. I don’t care!

I heard the song when it came out; and, needless to say, I wasn’t very fond of it. Then again, I am not very fond of any rap music to begin with. I wanted to post up something about it weeks ago; but, I really don’t care about Soulja Boy or rap music in general enough to articulate a fitting response.

However, my 2nd favorite character from Action Figure Therapy did; and, I feel that reposting it is worth my time.

So here is Ranger from in all of his glory!

To Soulja Boy: Your Retard Is Showing!

Note: Contains Strong Language

Redneck Engineering 101


Redneck Engineering 101 says: What do you do when you need to jack up your freshly lifted truck and your jack isn’t tall enough? That’s right! You don’t buy a new jack, you go buy a $5 2″x6″ and cut it up, then tape all the pieces together so it’s easier to work with!

I have to give Tom credit here. The yellow duck tape is a really nice touch. It gives it that little something extra to put it over the top. Regular silver just wouldn’t have the same effect!

Tom: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!