Mirror Repair


Tom and I were screwing around this past weekend, (big surprise, right?) and managed to get a glimpse of this mirror repair. He could have at least found some black or blue duck tape. I do have to commend him for taping it up in such a way that it didn’t flop around or anything though…

Blue Nissan: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Redneck Engineering 101


Redneck Engineering 101 says: What do you do when you need to jack up your freshly lifted truck and your jack isn’t tall enough? That’s right! You don’t buy a new jack, you go buy a $5 2″x6″ and cut it up, then tape all the pieces together so it’s easier to work with!

I have to give Tom credit here. The yellow duck tape is a really nice touch. It gives it that little something extra to put it over the top. Regular silver just wouldn’t have the same effect!

Tom: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Motorcycle Repair


Here is one of the broken Motorcycles in Tom’s garage. It belongs to The Dupe. Long story short, he dropped it within one month of owning it and has sat in the garage waiting on parts and The Dupe’s laziness to subside long enough to fix it. Instead of spending the $15 for a set of new grips, some tennis racket tape did the job.

DUPE! Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

note: The yellow bike in the background is Tom’s. It’s the only vehicle in the garage that is 100% functional.