Speaker Wire Gutter Repair


I was over at The Dupe’s house a few nights ago and saw this when I was leaving. That’s a speaker wire gutter repair! If you look really close, you can make out some tape or something under the wire. I figure the tape is there to stop the water from leaking and the speaker wire is there to hold the pieces of the gutter together. The horrible paint job really ties it all together.

Apartment Maintenance Guy: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Sweet Horn!


Once again, a trip to the local auto parts store doesn’t disappoint! Not only can this sweet horn make your car sound like the General Lee, but it can also make it sound like a chicken! It even has a PA function so you can harass your sleeping friends and neighbors from a distance!

I’m surprised no one has picked this guy up yet. Judging from how old the box looks, it’s been on the shelf for a while.

If you want this on your car: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Redneck First Aid Kit


I was at the local parts store and saw this guy sitting on the shelf. If you have a mullet, then this redneck first aid kit will call to you in your dreams after you just cut your hand off with your neighbor’s chainsaw.

Auto parts store: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Forklift Parking


I was screwing around on the internet (as usual) and came across this picture. I’m not 100% sure on where it was taken, but judging from the trees and from what I can make out of the license plates, I’m guessing Louisiana.

I guess to the forklift operator decided he needed to do some shopping on his break and he didn’t feel like walking from the loading dock to the front of the store or to his car… It’s sad to say, but my guess is that this guy is probably someone who could use more walking in his life. (In case that went over anyone’s head, I’m saying he’s a large human being!)

Lazy forklift operator: Your Trailer Park is Showing!