Hump Day Hilarity 1: Durex Commercial


So with the lack of submissions and lack of time to seek out all the glorious bits of white trash the world has to offer, we are instituting a new segment called the “Hump Day Hilarity“. Ideally, it will have some loose tie-in to all that is white trash; but, as long as it’s funny, it’s all good!

This week we have the banned Durex commercial. Not really much else you can say about it. Let’s face it, balloon animals are funny and it’s a perfect start for the

Hump Day Hilarity!

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from all of us here at!

PS: If anyone finds a duck tape mummy or any deliciously white trash consume or decorations, send it to !

Shady Lane is a Dead-End Street


I was driving around in my native habitat of Louisiana over the last week and found this gem. Shady Lane is, in fact, a dead-end street both literally and metaphorically. On top of that, it’s a dead-end street in a trailer park!

The list:

Awesome street name – Check!

Even better physical/metaphorical sign under it – Check!

Deliciously White Trash Trailer – Check!

I’m pretty sure I am pretty much the most awesome person alive right now because I got all those things in one picture. The only way it would have been better is if the sun hadn’t kept me from getting a good picture of the El Camino at the trailer next door in the shot too! It had a 4-wheeler and a two 2×6 boards (for ramps I assume) in the back of it! You can’t make this stuff up!

To the Shady Trailer Owner: Your Trailer Park Is Showing!

Soulja Boy says “F the Troops”


I know I’m a little late posting this. I don’t care!

I heard the song when it came out; and, needless to say, I wasn’t very fond of it. Then again, I am not very fond of any rap music to begin with. I wanted to post up something about it weeks ago; but, I really don’t care about Soulja Boy or rap music in general enough to articulate a fitting response.

However, my 2nd favorite character from Action Figure Therapy did; and, I feel that reposting it is worth my time.

So here is Ranger from in all of his glory!

To Soulja Boy: Your Retard Is Showing!

Note: Contains Strong Language